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What is QMpoint?

Business meeting.

The purpose of QMpoint is to help a company or organisation to become highly effective in their internal cooperation.

Measuring and developmental tool for management and cooperation

In our tool, QMpoint, we study leadership based on several dimensions; how the manager is actually perceived, how the desired leadership should be, and Fortsätt läsa What is QMpoint?

Scientific basis and background of QMpoint

The articles down here are translations of Anders W Larsons articles on QMpoint´s scientific basis, according to his research and experience of recent years.



Why is it so easy to say that trust exists when it’s more complex than that to apply it in practice?

Anders W Larson reveals the 18 most important factors connected to creating trust in your organisation or department, out of 160 variables, studied in QMpoint throughout the years. Read the article



What is it within leadership that creates motivation?

In this article Anders W Larson shows the 22 of total 30 variables concerning ”real leadership” that have the greatest correlation or connection with the motivation that managers create. Read article



Psychosocial work environment

Poor mental health because of a poor psychosocial work environment costs 150 billion annually only in Sweden, which represents 3% of the GDP. The trend was rising up to the start of the 2000s and then declined until 2009, only to have risen again. Anders W Larson analyses which factors leaders should be aware of for enhancing both a healthy and an effective psychosocial work environment. Read the article.